About Us

Junkpal.com is a company that provides everyone a chance to buy, sell, trade and become involved in our effort to reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown away everyday. We are developing some amazing things for all of our viewers to become involved with if they so wish to do so. We are located in the United States. Our reach however is global as in around the entire world. When we say “saving the planet one piece of junk at a time,” we mean it. So instead of throwing things away that you think are garbage, list it with us even if it doesn’t work anymore. However, its important to be honest in your descriptions.

We accept all listings of goods

However we do not accept

sexual or nude content of any kind


Investment sales opportunities

We will protect all our members and restrict all listings to items that are or were listed as merchandise.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to ban permanently anyone who misuses junkpal as a means to take advantage of someone financially or otherwise. And we will take immediate legal action in cooperation with the appropriate authorities to address all matters that are of concern.

We really want to save the planet one piece of junk at a time. But we also want to make sure that everyone who visits junkpal is safe.

Thank you